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The Discipline

Although Japan’s economic successes are widely recognized, few people know much about the rich cultural heritage of Japan in literature, thought, and the arts. The study of Japanese language and culture will introduce you to many of the major aspects of that heritage while providing the kind of training in language and social skills that will prepare you to undertake careers in a wide variety of fields related to Japan. The study of Japanese at the university level is aimed at providing you with advanced language skills and a sophisticated understanding of Japan and its people acquired through an examination of media and culture. To learn more about the specific learning outcomes of the Japanese program, please click here.

The objective of the Japanese program at BYU is to develop an understanding of and appreciation for Japanese culture and to develop language knowledge and skills to facilitate significant interaction in Japanese society personally and professionally. The program seeks to foster self-managed learning skills for life-long learning and provide a university experience consistent with the mission and aims of Brigham Young University.

The program accommodates those with no previous experience with Japan, its culture and language, as well as those who have received previous instruction at other institutions and/or who have otherwise had prior exposure to the language and culture, including heritage learners. The major is designed to help learners develop sound thinking and effective communication skills, as well as a sense of historical perspective and global awareness relative to Japan.